An 18-year-old youth allegedly stabbed his friend, also 18, to death after they had a fight under the influence of alcohol late Tuesday at Janta Nagar in Mankhurd.".A police official said, "The accused and Jais were together the whole day and by nightfall, both went to their secret rendezvous to drink liquor. He has been booked for murder under section 302 of the IPC and will be produced in court Thursday.

The accused once again asked for money from Jais to buy alcohol upon which, Jais started scolding him.The deceased, identified as Amir Jais, used to work in a private company in the housekeeping section. He and the accused knew each other for the past six years and were good friends. Soon, a fight erupted between the two and Jais pushed the accused twice, so much so he fell down. However, the duo would fight a lot over the accused’s alcohol habit for which he would borrow money from the deceased.

The Mankhurd police Wednesday evening laid a trap in the area and arrested the accused. Then the accused grabbed a rod and beat Jais till he bled. Jais was taken adjustable bath and shower chairs manufacturers to Rajawadi Hospital, but was declared dead during treatment